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Most people think they hate cooking. What do I have in a fridge? What is good for my health? What should I eat to strengthen my heart? How can I imitate a dish of my favourite chef to impress my friends?
Smartcook solves all these problems. Our disruptive device connects all information you need, mimics the chefs and provides you all necessary measurement instruments like scale and automatic calculation of amount of necessary ingredients.
Smartcook allows for more efficient and joyful, effortless cooking.
First person perspective lessons allow us to see the entire cooking process through the eyes of a professional chef, compare it to one’s result and continue the process to achieve tasty, healthy and guaranteed high quality food.
For people who are diet oriented Smartcook can optimise your lifestyle via being connected to wearables, calendars etc. to become an interactive tool to plan your diet. For families it can be a great saving money machine since it allows you to calculate any dinner for any number of people with all the ingredients calculated to one ounce making the shopping process as rational as possible. So no more wasted food!

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What we eat is vital to us as humans and to our civilisation. What we eat defines not only how long we will live but also how well we live. In the last century we managed to change our food patterns so much for the worse. From the natural home cooking of our grandmothers we jumped to the factory canned cooking of our fast moving world without any time to prepare our most vital energy source – food. Today, as a population, we eat mostly processed food. This impacts our health and leads to “lifestyle diseases”. We see the change on the market, and the trend is there to stay – people count calories, buy organic products, share healthy sources of food, they take care of the way the food is prepared. Some discovered the beauty of joint cooking, for strengthening family relations, presenting cooking skills for new friends etc. With all these in mind we invented Smartcook, a device that brings back the knowledge of cooking in the most modern intuitive way by watching and imitating.

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The Mimesis Technology was created to make intelligent devices that communicate with humans and each other in a special, most natural way.
We call this way – mimicry – or the art of imitation.
If You look at the ways nature is teaching – You will find this idea almost everywhere. Babies imitate their parents when they learn speaking, moving or playing. We imitate our professional heroes or moral leaders in opinions and behaviour.
To make the long story short – we believe that this ancient idea of mimicry can be a great way to teach various things. For example cooking.
We choose cooking, because we care. And that is important.
What is more frightening, most of Us is convinced that they can’t cook, or find cooking to difficult, time-consuming and tiring.
Smartcook is a game changer. It gives everyone quick and easy access to recipes without the necessity to thumb through cookbooks or searching the net. And it does it effortlessly.
Imagine. You want to cook for Your friends .You just call it or touch it and you select – number of people, type of your dish and what you like – all from dynamic menu. It gives you precise list and weight of ingredients you need to purchase. How much time and money you save just by that algorithm!
And this is just the beginning of fun with this device.
The minute you are ready to cook, it gives you video instructions from first person perspective! And it waits for you to finish each step so you have full control what you are doing in a real time.
If your friends loved your dinner you can share the Smartcook recipe with them with one share button.
So Smartcook beside the great hardware is also a brilliant piece of software – original algorithm providing intuitive content selection and technique of teaching based on mimicry – the the primary and most effective type of learning which has been neglected so far in the art of cooking.
We are in the porcess of making Smartcook a successful global platform for creation and exchange of healthy and tasty recipes prepared by the users – they will become part of the Smartcook community – largest video culinary library.

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– Advanced diet planner
– First Person Perspective Loop video format – self adjusting to the user’s work speed
– Voice Control of your Personal Chef
– Built-in kitchen scale
– Resistance to hot objects placed on device
– Resistance to dirt and splashes
– Possibility to use as a chopping board
– Hand gestures control

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Smartcook is all you really need to be a great cook. Smartcook is all you really need to improve your individual health and to adjust your diet to your body’s needs. Smartcook is all you really need to surprise your friends with a great dish by your favourite chef, e.g. from the Netflix Chef’s Table series – Smartcook can show you how to do it step by step, adjusting the learning speed to your work speed. I am Smartcook. But who are you? You are the best cook around. You just don’t know it. Yet.